Persis Bulsara, "Her gaze takes the colours away from a third of [world]" (Vendidad 18.64).

Fallen Parsee temple maiden


Sharbat gula
Clan: Tremere, minor Parsee variant (Starts with Lure of Flame Path)
Sire: Dr. Marmaduke Bannerworth
Generation: 10 Nature: Survivor Demanour: Survivor
Str 1 Dex 3 Stam 4 (pure): Char 3 Man 1 App 2: Per 5 (judgement) Int 2 Wits 3

Alertness 3, Athletics 3, Empathy 1, Leadership 3, Intimidation 3;
Melee 3, Perform 3, Ride 3;
Investigation 2, Linguistics 2(English, Hindi)(native language: Parsee Gujarati), Occult 3

Herd 4 (Inherited from Dr. Bannerworth), Influence 1, Ressources 1

Auspex 4, Potence 1, Thaumaturgy (Lure of Flames) 2

Lvl 1 Defense of The Sacred Haven, Deflection of Wooden Doom, Purity of Flesh Lvl 2 Power of the Invisible Flame, Ward Vs. Ghouls.

Conscience 4 Courage 5 Self-Control 1

Humanity 5
Willpower 7

Flaws: Colour Blindness (1 pt), Permanent Wound (3 pts-At the beginning of each night, she rises from sleep at the Wounded health level. Though this may be healed by spending blood points, it is a nasty looking throat gash )
Merits: Acute Vision (1pt-2 Sight Difficulty), Flambeau Heart (1 pt—3 to Courage Difficulty when rolling for Rotschrek Vs. Fire), Light Sleeper (2 pts)


Fire eye
Distinctive features: Intense green eyes, dresses in what she is told is red silk, habitually carries metal water pitcher on head: also, at times, gaping throat wound.
Pre-Martin Haug Parsee

What Dr. Bannerworth Has Told Her:

The Children of Tremere: My new Clan. Liars & black magicians, like my Sire was, without his heart.

Captain Ash: Funny name. Remember him roaring & splendid. The Children of Brujah are wild men.

Dr. Bannerworth: My new Sire amongst the Spawn of Jahi. I felt his death. He will not tread the Scimitar. The Spawn of Haqim will pay BLOOD.

Mr. Blackthorne: He is “Scottish”. An untrustworthy Clan? Or some species of magic tiger, perhaps?

Donna Isabel: My new older Sister. Will attend to her words, in spite of her monstrosity.

Mistress Thomas: She slew me. My Sire did say she is a Lady. She is infested with Daevas.

Persis Bulsara, "Her gaze takes the colours away from a third of [world]" (Vendidad 18.64).

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