The Indian Night beckons. The year is 1857, a young queen Victoria is coming into age and power, grasping the reigns of her nascent Empire firmly, and in the shadows behind her, the undying lords and ladies of the Camarilla thrive and prosper. For even in an Empire where the sun never sets, there are plenty of dark places to lurk and murkier secrets to exploit for the Masters of the Great Jyhad.

For untold centuries, if not Millennia, the nights of the British Isles has been ruled with an iron hand by Prince Mithras of London, and in a world and time where an ever expanding Empire has made London the centre of the world, what then, could be more natural than the assumption that the Eternal Prince of London should also be the Prince of the World?

However, half a world away, events beyond the scope of the imagination of any but the most demented and deranged Malkavian is being put into motion. And as the stars align and a slumbering fire ignites beneath the Crown Jewel of the Empire itself, the world of Kindred and Kine alike will be shaken to the very core…

And who, if any, will survive should the Eye of Shiva truly open, not even the Gods dare say!

Eye of Shiva

Melkhor ClausHBhm Jakob Villum Shandar