Favour of the Demon King

A smiling tiger's head cut from purest jade


When worn the Favour of the Demon King grants a +1 increase to the wearers permanent willpower. However, once worn, should the wearer ever lose or remove it, he will immediately lose two points of permanent willpower until the Favour is worn once again. Furthermore, when worn, the wearer’s difficulty on all non-combat rolls involving spirits will be decreased by one. If lost, however, the wearer’s difficulty is instead increased by two until the Favour is returned.


A beautifully carved smiling tiger’s head cut from purest jade, the Favour of the Demon King is a beauty to behold and would be a present fit for Queen Victoria herself! However, far more than just beauty and exquisite craftsmanship lurks within the fabulous amulet. Imbued with the power of the Rakshasa styling himself “The King of Kings” whoever wears the Favour gains immense reserves of will and confidence that he can tap into seemingly at will and lesser spirits bow before his wishes and commands in respect and deference.

However, as with all gifts from trickster demons, it may well cause the unwary more harm than good in the end. Such is the power of the Favour granted to its wearer that should it ever be removed, lost or stolen utter, soul-crushing despair will overwhelm the former wearer to such a point that his spirit and will is likely to be crippled beyond recovery should he fail to reclaim the amulet once more, and any spirit that previously bowed before him will have naught but scorn and hostility for one so careless and cursed.

Favour of the Demon King

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