Codex Sargon

Scroll of forbidden lore from faded ages past


The owner of the Codex Sargon may, should he chose to devote the proper time to study it, treat Necromancy as an in-clan discipline for the purpose of access and experience cost and may purchase dots in the Vitreous Path without having first mastered any other Necromantic Path. Other properties of the Codex remains unrevealed at present


This worn and ancient codex written in what appears to be somewhat poor Ciceronian Latin allegedly contains translations of the fabled Sargon Fragment, a tome of ancient, mystical knowledge claimed to be as old as mankind itself. What mind-blasting secrets of forgotten ages this faded fragments truly holds remain speculative at best, but even the briefest of study of its cryptic words allows whoever possess it to glean remarkable insight into the secrets of Death itself!

Codex Sargon

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