Victoria Ash


Clan: Toreador

Position: Ambassador and “Guest of the Council”

Generation: 8th

Embrace: 1650

Apparent age: Early 30’s

Current Status: Plotting in London


England, and particularly London, has always been hostile ground to the Clan of the Rose and with the Treaty of Durham (which prohibits Toreadors from even claiming the slightest Domain in England outside of Elysiums without the Prince’s leave) now fully enforced once more by Mithras, this isn’t likely to change soon.

Confined to Edinburgh and Scotland the Toreadors of the British Isles find themselves trapped in a downward spiral of power and influence both, and though they rail against these injustices there is little, if anything the few Toreadors allowed in London as Mithras’s “guests” (in reality, hostages of the Treaty) can do about it.

One Toreador, however, is allowed both the Council of Primogen’s eyes and ears though she technically holds neither domain nor seat within the city.
Victoria Ash wields considerable power and influence as the duly appointed ambassador of Francois Villón, the legendary Prince of Paris whom even the Eternal Prince has little desire to antagonise (at least not openly), though so far she has shown remarkable restraint and subtlety in applying it.
Mostly the lovely and beautiful Miss Ash, who is also renown far and wide for her hauntingly beautiful singing voice, has contended herself with haunting London’s many Elysiums and social gatherings and for now remained a quit, listening presence at the Primogen’s Council meetings.

However, persistent rumours insists that she has been meeting and corresponding with both Mithras’ Scottish “wards” but also powerful Elders of Edinburgh herself, though what plans Victoria Ash are really plotting, and which masters, if any, she are truly serving remains a secret as tightly bound as her corset!

Victoria Ash

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