Enigmatic elder, guru and the voice of reason and madness


Clan: Malkavian Antitribu

Position: Renown co-founder of the Camarilla and Sabbath both and feared harbinger of devastating enlightenment

Generation: 6th

Embrace: 990 AD

Apparent age: Late teens

Current Status: Following her own inscrutable path yet again


Born centuries ago as the third daughter to the Tamil Emperor Raja Raja the Great of the Chola empire, countless suns have set and rivers of blood have flown into oceans since the distant day Vasentasena last drew breath.

A near mythical figure within the nebulous and ephemeral network of her fractured clan, Vasantasena and her sire, the Methuselah Unmada, spent centuries wandering the world in their mutual quest for knowledge and enlightenment before eventually parting.
Playing a central role first the formation of the Camarilla as a prominent speaker of the Convention of Thorns before parting with her sire over the treatment of the defeated Assamites, Vasantasena would go on to play an even greater part in the formation of the nascent Sabbath, standing to this night as an unapologetic champion of both Cainite freedom from the tyranny of the Elders, and, even more remarkably, an avowed opponents of the Paths of Enlightenment.

Renown as one of, if not the most prominent Cainite amongst the Malkavian Antitribu, what exactly Vasantasena is doing back on her native Sub-Continent these nights is a mystery even to her own clan and sect mates, but all who have but the most passing familiarity with the enigmatic elder knows that Vasantasena has always walked where she wanted.


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