Clan: Ventrue

Position: Deposed, would-be Prince

Generation: 7th

Embrace: 1066

Apparent Age: Mid-20’s

Current Status: In hiding


Once the loyal Seneschal and ally (less polite tongues might call it "servant) of Mithras, Valerius seized the reigns of power when his Master slipped into torpor and ruled London with skill and flair in his absence but those nights are long gone. Now, the former prince wallows in in his own bitterness and spite amidst the filth of East End, planning and plotting endless schemes of revenge against the ones who betrayed him.

Fully realising that the Eternal Prince would return one day it was always Valerius’ intentions to step down and resume his duties as Seneschal once the Ancient One awoke once more, but when he called the first gathering of the new Primogen Council to welcome back their returned Prince, disaster struck. Upon being presented with Monsieur Pachard, the Tremere Primogen whom had been granted his seat on the council by Valerius during Mithras’ long sleep, the Eternal Prince flew into a fearful rage and stripped his loyal seneschal off all his duties, privileges and titles on the spot before he physically picked him up and hurled him out of the Elysium before the eyes of every Kindred in London that mattered!

To add injury to insult he then instated Valerius own, up to this point, loyal childe, Anne Bowesly to the now vacated position of Seneschal and left Valerius broken and discarded in the gutters!

And there he remains to this night, gathering what little power and influence he can muster, desperately looking for some plot or scheme that may return him to power and repay the treachery and injustice he has suffered in full…


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