Sin Cara


Clan: Presumed to be Assamite

Position: Guardian of Hanuman’s jungle shrine?

Generation: Unknown, assumed to posses highly potent vitae

Embrace: Unknown

Apparent age: Impossible to tell

Current status: Staked, paralysed and left for dead by an unknown foe and diablerised by Thomas Blackthorne


Even after stepping out of the shroud of mystery and legends that surround the jungle night, this faceless terror remains as much of an enigma as before, if not moreso. Clearly a Kindred of immense power and potency, his motivations, desire, origin and background remains as obscured as the completely blank surface that was his face.

Supposedly a “guardian demon” of Hanuman’s sacred jungle shrine and the holy treasure that resides there, and supposedly the vessel for the monkey god’s terrible revenge on those who defile his temple there is clearly much, much more to this mystery wrapped enigma than the murky beliefs of a deluded and deranged village priest.

The Faceless One himself, however, remains unsurprisingly silent on the matter

Sin Cara

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