Shahrukh Rajaprajna (Deceased)

Decadent and charming Daitya socialite, pimp and mystic.


Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Clan: Daitya
Haven: The Temple of the Sacred Union, Bombay
Sire: Guru Vaishnavatra of Clan Daitya, resident of Bombay,
Born: 1771 Embrace: 1800
Known Powers: Practices Tantric Siddhis, can make others beautiful for a while, unnaturally calm and unafraid of fire, either extremely stealthy or uses mystical techniques for walking unseen. Seemingly mystical knowledge of other’s past, supernatural charm
Social: Well-recognized and usually liked socialite among the kindred of Bombay. Sources of information both in and outside bombay.


Shahrukh Rajaprajna (Deceased)

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