Ragged leader of Bombay's dispossed, the Leper-King of the caste-less outcasts


Clan: Nosferatu

Position: Leper-King of Bombay’s caste-less kindred

Generation: 9th

Embrace: 1725

Apparent age: Hideously warped beyond any possible ravages of age

Current Status: Destroyed in combat by Thomas Blackthorne


The wretched Cainite calling himself Pariah when he speaks, which is rare indeed in high-caste company, holds the unenviable position as Leper-King of the caste-less. This, of course, mostly means that it’s his duty to ensure that the delicate sensibilities of Bombay’s higher caste kindred aren’t offended by the sight, sound or smell of any of his “charges” but he nevertheless approaches his thankless job and horrible fate with the stoic acceptance that seems to characterise his clan on any continent.

Through his subjects and his own considerable power Pariah could actually wield a tremendous amount of power should he so desire, but his acceptance of his lot in unlife, along with his iron-clad religious convictions seems to prevent this from coming to pass as surely as would a stake through his suffering heart


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