Naam Singh

Proud and powerful Lion of his faith and guardian of Bombay's Faithful


Clan: Gangrel

Position: Prince of Bombay, Guardian of the Sikh community

Generation: 7th

Embrace: 1602

Apparent age: Mostly impossible to tell

Current Status: Active prince of what’s left of Bombay


As proud and powerful as his name would indicate, Naam Singh have been the stern and ever-vigilant champion of Bombay’s Faithful for the better part of a century. Most who know of him and his exploits are happy to give him and his charges a wide berth, and as long as his fellow Sikh’s aren’t menaced by the Cainite community of Bombay, Singh have been more than happy to treat it with equal indifference. Reputedly a mighty warrior and a terrible foe should his ire be raised, time will tell if God’s Lion will find himself set loose among the sheep in the chaos that Bombay has become.

Naam Singh

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