Montague Pachard


Clan: Tremere

Position: Primogen

Generation: 8th

Embrace: 1750

Apparent age: mid-40s

Current Status: Struggling to maintain his power and position in London


The position of the Tremere in London has always been a tenuous one at best. All of England knows of the Eternal Prince’s dislike for the Witches, some Kindred historian claims it stems from a bitter grudge nursed since the Dark Ages where the Tremere supported his principal rival for dominion of England, John de York, while others cite the fact that Mithras continue to refer to the Tremere as the “Usurpers” to this age of night as proof to the real cause of the enmity.

Whatever the reason, however, it was only Mithras’ lapse into torpor that provided the opportunity the Witches had been awaiting for centuries when the Seneschal Valerius claimed the title of Prince for himself and extended an invitation to the Durham Chantry to extend their influence into London and take a seat at the Primogen’s council. The man Lady Meerlinda dispatched from Durham to fulfil this role was Monsieur Montague Parchard.

An eccentric, even by Tremere standards who’s made it his unlife’s work to discover, catalogue and eventually master the true source of True Magic in living beings, Parchard has spent the better part of a century approaching this enigma from various innovative (if decidedly odd) ways, at one point believing the key to mortal Magi’s power lay in the blood as with Thaumaturgy. However, despite decades of dedicated research and experimentation (including several grizzly transfusions) he is nowhere closer to his goal than when he started.

Rumours abound both within and without the chantries of London that Parchard’s nights may be numbered. Supposedly Meerlinda is growing weary of his lack of success, and the Eternal Prince is highly unlikely to lift a finger to save one “Usurper” from the machinations of another. Unless fortunes change drastically and dramatically, London may find itself with a new Primogen on the council before long…

Montague Pachard

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