Clan: Ventrue

Position: Prince of London

Generation: 4th

Embrace: 1258 (BC!)

Apparent age: Mid- to late 20s

Current status: Missing, rumoured to be destroyed


The undisputed master of London and the British Isles in general for as long as any Kindred active tonight can remember, Mithras seems as indelible a part of the time and era to the Kindred as Queen Victoria herself does to the Kine.

Ancient and powerful beyond belief, and far more enigmatic and subtle, few but his closest allies and servants (and the two terms seem very much interchangeable to the mind of Mithras) ever see the Prince of London directly, and for years if not centuries he has seemingly remained as aloof from the Kindred of London that he rules as they themselves are to the Kine they fancy they master.

However, it seems even the power of Prince Mithras is no longer beyond dispute as word has spread like wildfire throughout London and England, radiating from there like ripples on a pond that the Eternal Prince has met Final Death, the victim of some sort of inexplicable but masterful indeed assassination carried out by foreign hands.

What the truth of this matter is, however, remains unknown at present…


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