Lt. Jeeves-Smith Wynham

Former aide to Bombay's now decapitated military commander


Clan: NA

Position: Former aide-de-camp to Colonel Smythe, presently temporary commanding officer of the British military presence in Bombay

Generation: NA

Embrace: NA

Apparent age: mid-30s

Current Status: Dead, victim to mysterious plague running rampant through the British encampment


A man woefully out of his depths, Lieutenant Jeeves-Smith Wynham could hardly be less suited for his current position within the ranks of her majesty’s armed forces if he had been a cavalry horse. A petty bureaucrat and pencil-pusher at heart Wynham is as singularly uninterested in the welfare of his men as he is for his Indian Charges and only dreamt of surviving his stay on the benighted sub-continent with a complimentary reference from his doddering old superior and without having contracted some kind of horrible jungle disease from the filthy locals. Now, with the gruesome assassination of Colonel Smythe during the riots he finds himself thrust into a position of power and influence, and has thus become a potential pawn to some… and a target to others.

Lt. Jeeves-Smith Wynham

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