Lt. Harrow

Tough and able-bodied lieutenant of the Queen's Highlanders


Clan: NA

Position: Field commander of the Queen’s Highlanders in Bombay

Generation: NA

Embrace: NA

Apparent age: Early-30s

Current Status: Presumed dead, a victim of the unnatural plague striking the British military in Bombay


A rough, tough and able-bodied Scottish lad in service to queen and country, Donald Harrow has lived through a string of exciting and mostly unexpected events to find himself far from the rolling hills of Scotland indeed.

Throughout it all, however, he has remained determined and dedicated to what he sees as his primary duty, to bring his lads back home alive, whatever it takes. to protect the Empire of the Queen and the glory of British rule comes as a very distant second to this, but none who have seen the stout Scotsman in action can question his personal bravery and competence.

Lt. Harrow

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