Lady Anne Bowesly


Clan: Ventrue

Position: Seneschal


Embraced: 1688

Apparent age: Early 50’s

Current Status: Consolidating her position in London


The power before the throne, Lady Anne Bowesly is the face of London’s Camarilla rulership, serving as Seneschal to Prince Mithras and his “filter” to the modern world that he loathes and shuns.

Lady Anne served with loyalty, skill and eagerness as Seneschal to her own sire, Valerius who held the throne of London during the most recent “interegnum” when Mithras last slipped into the arms of torpor, and when the Eternal Prince rose to return once more she switched her loyalties from her sire to him with even more eagerness and skill.

Sinister rumours also circulate that she shares some of her new Master’s… darker tastes, but those who voice such concerns or thoughts too loudly are seldom seen in polite company again

Lady Anne Bowesly

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