Juliet Parr


Clan: Malkavian

Position: Rising star and suffragette champion

Generation: 9th

Embrace: 1782

Apparent age: Late teens

Current Status: Active in London


A pretty young slip of a girl, Juliet is nevertheless considered a rising star among London’s kindred, though most of contemporary society considers her burning passion for the nascent suffragette movement more than a little odd, and her erratic habit of dressing in men’s clothes from time to time downright insane, which is, of course, to be expected of a Malkavian.

Cold, calculating and almost always polite to a fault it’s whispered around London’s many Elysium’s that Prince Mithras is considering the girl to be a protegĂ© of sorts and is grooming her for some form of office, some suggest as a replacement of Lady Anne, though none mention such thoughts where she might hear it!

Other, equally speculative rumours, suggest she has already been blood-bound to the Eternal Prince, but on both these topics Juliet herself remains tight-lipped. However, as Lady Anne has yet to make a move against her covert or otherwise, there seems to be some validity to the claim that Mithras has his eyes on her…

Juliet Parr

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