Isabel Inmaculada de Heredio

Tremere fencing master and student of war


note: Unfinished
Isabel was born in Madrid, Spain in 1770, the only daughter of a famed fencing master, her mother dying in childbirth. Though her family’s art was becoming somewhat outdated, as the only scion, she learned her father’s art from the time she was old enough to walk. Though admired by many for her beauty and obvious innocence, she found the wild social life of Madrid somewhat intimidating, and so spent most of her time in training, study and prayer.
All this changed when her father introduced her to the charming British gentleman, Dr. Marmaduke. The two enjoyed many late-night talks and she sensed a romance beginning to form.
All that changed when, to honor the good doctor, her father hung a portrait of the British Kind in the lobby. When Dr. Marmaduke saw it, he changed into a horrid monster, killing her and wounding her father.
When she awoke the next night, everything had changed. Dr Marmaduke had tied her to a chair (for her own protection, he ensured her), and proceeded to tell her of the condition he had unwillingly imposed on her, and the Clan Tremere into which she now found herself inducted. Even her father’s memories of her was changed, as he now remembered her walking away in the sunset to seek her fortune in the wider world.
Marmaduke was thoroughly apologetic and somewhat cute in his obvious remorse, but she remained at first horrified at her new condition. Eventually, to escape the self-loathing, a resolution began to form in her. She found herself in a society where her father’s art was not yet outmoded.
Though inducted into a Clan of power-hungry sorcerers, she would master her father’s art and by the sword earn a place in this crazy world of the undead.

Dr. Marmaduke, consulting with his sire, found a mentor for her who could help her develop her particular talents – the famed author and swordmaster Pietro Monte, who had found a fate similar to her own. He was somewhat of an outcast in his clan, focusing on the humanities and art of close combat as he had done in life, and having recently been named regent and established a chantry in his native Spain.
For the next thirty years, she trained with, and assisted Master Pietro, and they grew to be quite close. She studied the history and practice of warfare deeply under his tutelage, and shared his frustration that the clan leaders were totally unwilling to listen to tactical advice.
However, the Sabbat was on the rise, and thus, instead, Pietro, eventually with Isabel at his side, fought for the Camarilla in the defense of several cities, most notably the desperate defense of Madrid against the resurgent Lasombra. Forced to flee the Sabbat forces of Spain, they
were finally found useful by the clan, helping to establish a presence in Istanbul.
Here, however, Pietro Monte met his end, killed while defending the chantry against an assamite assault. Only one of his assailants remained alive, a black-clad sorcerer whom isabel fought to a standstill before he fled.
However, it was not long before she had her chance for vengeance against the sorcerer, whom, she learned, was Uthman of the Mists, she had her chance when the chancel was attacked by a massed force of Assamites. She met him in personal combat once again, but this time, he used barbarian sorceries to force her to flee, saying, in Latin, that it was not yet time for them to fight to the death.

Isabel Inmaculada de Heredio

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