Hermod Brenner


Clan: Gangrel

Position: Sheriff

Generation: 9th

Embrace: 1625

Apparent age: Late 30s

Current status: Missing, presumed destroyed


A veritable mountain of a man in life, undeath did nothing to diminish Hermod Brenner’s massive size and stature, nor did it temper his wanderlust and adventurous spirit. A skilled and enthusiastic sailor of Dutch descent in his breathing days, Brenner sailed with the famous explorers Robert Bylot and William Baffin on all four of their arctic voyages, and despite some drawbacks from his undead state, he zealously continued his treks and explorations after his embrace.

Eventually, however, Brenner found himself landlocked in London where he found a different use of his natural (and supernatural) talents serving as enforcer and Scourge to the Eternal Prince. Staying mostly out of the complex and continually shifting battlefield that is Kindred Politics Brenner kept his head down and focused on his often unpleasant job with the dogged determination that often characterises his clan, and in time he was rewarded greatly for his loyalty. Seeing in the burly former sailor perhaps shades of his former trusted Warlord Aethelwulf. In either case Mithras promoted Hermod to Sheriff of London and granted him the right to attend his Council of Primogen though he rarely finds the time to do so.

Recent rumours also insist Brenner serves in a more unofficial role as the bodyguard of the Eternal Prince, and it’s a curious fact that since the mysterious events that, allegedly, laid Mithras low, none have seen sight of Hermod either…

Hermod Brenner

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