Dr. Willum Timothy


Clan: Malkavian

Position: Primogen

Generation: 8th

Embrace: 1576

Apparent age: 60

Current Status: Tending to his asylum in London


Invited into the council of Primogens by London’s former prince, Valerius after a spectacularly effective demonstration of his “therapeutic” skills, Dr. Timothy was allowed to retain his position when Mithras reclaimed his position of power. Less than friendly tongues (many of them from within his own clan) whisper that the Eternal Prince only keeps him close due to the doctor’s remarkable ability to keep his own clan firmly in line, and it is a proven fact (though not one often spoken of!) that many of Lady Anne’s less fortunate adversaries have ended their unlives within the vast asylum in Northern London that the Doctor maintains as his personal haven. If Dr. Timothy himself cares one bit about this, however, he certainly isn’t showing it. A fervent (some would say mad!) believer in the natural sciences and the art of the alienist in particular, Dr. Timothy has made it his unlife’s work to safeguard the Kindred of London, and particularly his own clan from the madness that has utterly consumed the Malkavians of the Sabbath. Dr. Timothy truly believes that, if left unchecked, the “contagion” of Dementation will spread first from the Sabbath Lunatics to his own blood and from them to the rest of the Camarilla, at which point all of civilisation would collapse in an orgy of blood-crazed madness, fire and destruction.

And if the means to preventing that results in a few destroyed Kindred now and then who were too weak-willed to survive his “treatments” then so be it!

Dr. Willum Timothy

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