Enigmatic Mystic and shadowy power-broker of even darker power


Clan: Unknown

Position: Mystic, occasional guru and shadowy power-broker

Generation: Unknown

Embrace: Unknown

Apparent age: Currently late teens, rumoured to vary tremendously

Current Status: Abandoned Bombay for the safety of the Shadowlands


The being known as the Capreocorpus is considered a mere fanciful legend by most and a fearful enigma by the few who knows better. If the creature is even a Cainite at all is a source of much speculation as there are those who swear on their unlife that the Capreocorpus is actually a mortal magi of incredible power and dark ambitions and other still who claim it to be a spirit, a revenant or something stranger and even darker still.
What will soon be known, however, is that the being that hides under the threadbare funeral wrappings and the moniker of the Capreocorpus has reached a point where it is no longer content to merely watch the chaos unfold around it, for better or worse…


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