Anna Farnese

giovanni, noddist, archaeologist


Anna was born as a minor noble to the house of Farnese in the italien region of emilia-romagna in the 1600 century. Though intrique and maybe poison she got married to the baron of remini. But soon after giving her husband his second son, she was taking from the mortal world by the Giovanni family.

In the centuries since she has traveled most of the world in seach of old text. She is a known noddist and have several interaction with some of the best known noddist in the sabbat like Sascha Vykos. Even though she mostly interact with sabbat kindred, she has never formally entered the sect.

Anna often surprise kindred as she is a small woman, but is very strong even for a kindred. She is also very good in the disciplin thaumaturgy.

She has had a relationship with the gangrel Thomas Blackmore in the early 1800 centuri.

Anna Farnese

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