Clan: Ravnos

Position: Prince of Bombay

Generation: 7th

Embrace: 1097

Apparent age: Late 20’s

Current Status: Staked, paralysed and awaiting transport to London to serve as a scapecoat


Hektor of Thessaly, known these nights as Alexandros holds the esteemed position of nominal Prince of Bombay though his grasp of the reins of power seem as flimsy as his grasp of his sanity.
A victim of the ennui of his existence, the weight of the years upon his shoulders and the maddening “voices” of his Clan’s curse in his mind, Hektor seems to withdrawn completely from the world of reality around him, preferring instead to drown out the cries of the “Furies” in his head with the haze of drugs and other, more sinister, indulgences.

Supposedly a formidable warrior and once renown in certain circles for being something as unbelievable as an honest and chivalric Ravnos, as well as a rumoured member of an enigmatic faction within the clan known as the Knights of Phaedyme it now seems Hektor’s nights of championing the cause of Order Through Chaos are long gone… though perhaps an unexpected fire will rekindle the passion that still smoulders in the ancient knights heart to once more rouse Hektor of Thessaly from the shell of Alexandros the Prince.

If such a thing would be a blessing or a curse for the side he’d choose to champion though, not even Pythia of Delphi would have been able to predict!


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