Abdel Khan

Valorous Pashtun Warlord and belligerent firebrand


Clan: Assamite

Position: Feared mercenary commander, thwarted would-be prince of Bombay

Generation: 8th

Embrace: 1542

Apparent age: Late 40’s

Current Status: Destroyed by accident in combat by Isabel


Abdel Khan, the Pashtun lion of the Night is a fairly recent arrival to Bombay, having presently been kept at bay by the personal power of Prince Alexandros. Now, however, with Bombay in disarray and Alexandros vanished, if not destroyed, the ambitious and aggresive Pashtun warlord sees a chance for a renewed grab for power for himself and his loyal followers. A veteran of countless brutal and bloody skirmishes, duels and conflicts all across the Indian Sub-Continent as well as the inhospitable mountains of Afghanistan, Abdel Khan is not a Cainite to cross lightly, and the strength of the fanatically loyal followers he commands is hard (and dangerous!) to underestimate!

Abdel Khan

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