Eye of Shiva

What I Did Learn This Night

Magic tigers revile daeva cobras.
Calling oneself Ahriman is the LIE of a FOOL. My sister & I send FOOLS to the origional. To lie to the lord of lies! He spilt the blood of Gavaevodata!
Impure pagans lie about being daeva cobras who lie about being Children of Jahi, as well.
No, that is not a lie. Merely odd.
It was the one called Daeva Idolator that plots against “Mithras”. We have become the bearers of his declaration of war. This does not make us safe from Lady Alice, who can best me in battle, but chooses not to slay me. No! Her daevas do. They kill all others promiscuously, as do those of my sister.

Best that they meet in FINAL BATTLE.


Melkhor IanDall

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