Eye of Shiva

Tales of our father:

cain, vision

Had a strange experience yesterday. We went outside Bombay to meet the Tamil princess Vasantasena. A malkavien Methuselah who had been present when the camarilla and the sabbat was created. She had attracted a large group of people and was walking towards Bombay. All she wanted was to give us a vision and then she departed. Do not know why it was so important to give us a vision, but it was. She is a Malkavien after all. Some say they can see true vision in their madness. I doubt it, but will not say no to a talk with a Methuselah.

Me and alice said we wanted to see her vision. But Gordon did not want to. But she would not accept a no and gordon had to get a vision. We did not have the same vision. The vision the others told me about later was not the same as I experienced. How did she do it? Was all we saw a vision of what we wanted to see? I hope not. I got a priceless gift, so hope it is not something I have made up. Time will tell. I need to go to London to confirm it, but do not have time now. Bombay is still in chaos after the late prince disappeared.

I got a vision of our father Cain. I was in a cave filled with strange letters. I could see a tunnel leading outside to the night. In the cave was a sarcophagus with strange letters hinting that this was the resting place of Cain, the father of all vampires. All around the sarcophagus there was bones from other kindred, who had disturbed our father. He did not like to get disturbed. I had a urge to open the sarcophagus, but remembered that this was a vision and what ever I saw it would not be real. But it might end the vision and I had something to do. I could read the strange letters. The message of the first ones, the key to all knowledge about them, Enochian. How was it that I could read this? Was it because the vision was not real or had she give me the knowledge? She might have this knowledge. As I wondered about this I could see the torch in the chamber was about to end. It had a feeling this would end the vision. I had to hurry, so I read all I could and tried to memorize it. So I could later read other writings in this secret languages.

After the vision ended I wrote it all down, all I could remember. The letters and the translation. All the text that was written in the cave of our father. I hope I got it right. This could be a real treasure if it was real. But how can I know. Can not wait to see the clay tablet my sire has that should be written in the secret languages of the first among us. This would confirm it and tell us its tale. Should I rush home? What if it is not true.

Patience. I most not let anybody know I have this knowledge. Some would kill to get my diary. I most hid it well.


Melkhor Shandar

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