Eye of Shiva

Oh Brethren Pluckers of 3-Eyed Rosebuds:

Another brick has broadened our Pyramid!
Yes, that is, indeed, a vial of her vitae.
No, there is no need to curse-brand; thus dooming her to our consumption, or, worse, Sabbatization. (The vial will be there. You may find my mortal status as one of the leading experts on tropical afflictions of the haematopoietic cells, even including merely extrotopic aetherial noetic factors-anyway, my status as a medical doctor amusingly neoteric, but it does make the Royal Mail a bit more considerate).
I had, at first, intended her as a ghoulish local guide & bodyguard, urged on by our current Assamite troubles. We have, in fact, managed to bag a few of the poor beggars-they had started making free with young Christian gentlewomen, so we had little choice in the matter. However, a little experiment I had going with the military applications of Mistress Thomas yielded unforseen results, & in spite of the competence of Mr. Blackthorne, not to mention the considerable personal courage, & scrummage ability, of Captain Ash, my ghoul recieved a very clear invitation to one of her peoples terrible Towers of Silence.
What else was one to do, in such a situation, but Embrace her?
Fortunately, she is not a mere random mineral outgrowth of our Pyramid. She is of the Parseeists, the last of the Magian fire-worshippers, a sect devoted to our Mithras, & not unsuprisingly, good business connections of our Company.(Rather daring, that, to take on the role of The Angel Uriel in a fire-cult). One has retained her connections to her panchayat, or community, as is ones custom: they are most convinient.
His Royal Leonine Highness, on the other paw, is understandably roaring mad at this sudden Tremerity; & has detained my unplanned Childe until I attain a properbly Androclean degree of Princely respect. Could you be so good as to send him, at least, a letter? But no need to hurry-the responsibilities, such as that of protecting her against Assamite rapine, of an unnanounced Childe are better left, perhaps, to a local dignitary, for now.
But she would be a great help against the Setites.

What, as a matter of random & capricious sudden interest, is our current policy on Necromancy? Haunted native jewelry, anthropophagy, ambulating corpses, all such goings on.
They are characteristic for India.

Bound to your service by Internal Chymestry,
“a small unleavened, undefiled Cake”


Melkhor IanDall

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