Eye of Shiva

From the "Arthashastra"

“If the enemy desires to make peace on condition of the weak king surrendering a portion of this army, he may give the enemy such of his elephants and cavalry as are uncontrollable or as are provided with poison; if the enemy desires to make peace on condition of his surrendering his chief men, he may send over to the enemy such portion of his army as is full of traitors, enemies and wild tribes under the command of a trusted officer, so that both his enemy and his own undesirable army may perish….”

Book XII, “Concerning a Powerful Enemy
Chanakya   war field
Seven ways to greet a neighbour:
1.Sanman – Appeasement, non-aggression pact
2.Dana – Gift, bribery
3.Danda – Strength, punishment
4.Bheda – Divide, split, separating opposition
5.Maya – Illusion, deceit
6.Upeksha – Ignoring the enemy
7.Indrajala – Faking military strength


Melkhor IanDall

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