Eye of Shiva

Dreams of Fire and Shadow

Sometimes speed is of the essence. Yet we ran directly into an ambush. The mad scream of that Cursed One i will remember forever. Allah is great, indeed. But not, i hope, merciful to the souls of such creatures.
Ah, goddess, the fire. My soul screamed Your name in pain, and You did preserve me. Forever i shall be your loyal servant, and follow the path you laid out for me.
Landing outside, everything was death and fire, and i must think You held the beast at bay in that moment, for i had no strength in me for anything but pain. I saw, happily, my sire escape, before i crawled in pain to some dark corner.
Again, only through Your grace and my training did i manage to call up the shadows around me. Never has a rite been cast in such conditions, my skin still smoldering from the explosion. But i had to conceal myself. I could only assume the Cursed Ones would soon come to take any survivors.
Your servant is a greater creature than myself, and knows your will, and he did lead me true to a safe haven. The very tomb of the King of Kings, that strange and dark spirit. Ah, to serve such a Lady as you, i am blessed indeed.
There, i fell into slumber among the whispers of strange oriental nightmares and shades. And even into dream did they follow me.
I was led to a palace, to the true court of the King of Kings. Marble of colors beyond the rainbow, soft like the finest silk, such was the stones of that great house. It was not a place that could be taken or held by anyone except those native to the plane, a thousand passages intertwined strangely all around, and when i was led to the great hall and bowed to that King, i would never had been able to find my own way out.
We dined together, there, on the very sweet wine of that place. And he was most courteous, telling me stories of his youth and secrets of this other world. You must excuse me, my Lady, if for a little while there i gave myself to another. There was a sweetness in his voice, and in the air of these misty halls, and it leads the mind to forget all worries and loyalties to it’s pleasures.
Yet, returned, i remain Your servant, and with the gift he gave me my eyes re now open to Your realms. I see them, now, even with my waking eyes, laughing and killing and slithering all about, all the spirits of this strange land.


Melkhor Villum

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